#1 Recruiters Live Lounge Introduction – with Roy Ripper

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Roy Ripper is one of the most charismatic and widely-followed trainers in the worldwide recruitment industry. For more than 25 years his passion has been helping recruiters take their careers and businesses to another level by inspiring personal and business growth, success and achievement.

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Hey everyone, I’m Roy Ripper, and I want to thank you for joining me for the very first episode of Recruiters Live Lounge.com.

Every week, I will be interviewing the most exciting and inspiring recruitment business leaders on the planet.  We will share their journey including the failures and ‘eureka’ moments  so recruiters around the world can absorb their lessons learned and see their path to success.

One of the things I am most excited about is that we will be producing a new 30-minute episode every week. So for you, this means a new episode of RecruitersLiveLounge.com will be waiting to accompany you on your commute to work, one of your work-out sessions, or during any activity that could use an added dose of inspiration.

We will also be following a clear and concise format on every show, so you will know exactly what to expect, week in and week out.

Each episode will start with a brief introduction of the spotlighted recruitment business leader, followed by their favourite success quote.  Everybody loves a good success quote, and we get to hear why this is our guest’s favourite, along with how they apply it to their everyday life and mentality.

We then jump right into the journey. Our journeys here at RecruitersLiveLounge.com will always commence in an area we can learn so much from…failure. Our recruitment leader will go into detail about a major trial/tribulation/failure they’ve encountered. We’ll examine the steps that led up to this situation and the actions that were taken immediately after that helped our guest rise above and move forward.

Now, we’ve all heard about that infamous eureka moment and most people that have created their own businesses have had that moment… and all of these Recruitment Leaders have.

Our journey also takes us through that eureka moment: the steps leading up to it, the moment itself, and the actions our guest took following the moment that helped lead them to the success they are experiencing today.

Then, we seamlessly move into our guest’s current business. They will go into detail about their day to day, and then also touch upon their vision for the future. This will help us not only understand what it is that they do, but it will also help us understand where they feel the recruitment industry is headed.

At this point, we have reached my favourite part… The Lightning Round. The Lightning Round is a question segment that probes deep into the mind of our guest to extract priceless nuggets of knowledge.

Some of the questions include:

  • What is the best business advice you ever received?
  • What is something that is working for you in your business right now?
  • What is the best business book you have read in the last six months?

Now that I’ve told you a little bit about the show, I want to share with you why I created RecruitersLiveLounge.com.

For over 3 years now, I have been an avid listener of podcasts – podcasts offer a combination that is hard to beat: they are targeted to any passion you have,  and they’re free!

I started with the bigger podcasts,  but I soon found myself drawn towards the privately produced podcasts.  Within this small sector I became really interested with shows that interviewed small business owners, which provided insights into the lives of these otherwise mythical legends known as entrepreneurs.  These podcasts offered a chance to find out more about their their journey to success and I thought that as a recruiter, I’d be really interested to hear similar stories from the entrepreneurs in our industry.

So it was from that desire that RecruitersLiveLounge.com was born.  I decided to create a place that would allow recruiters around the globe to have access to industry leader’s stories, lessons, and concepts.  I want to offer content that will inspire you to take that leap and make the recruitment industry a better place by applying your passions and energy to creating brilliance.

I want to thank you again for joining me here at RecruitersLiveLounge.com.    You are absolutely going to love the next episode with Dan McGuire, CEO of cube19. His journey is incredible, and an inspiration to us all.  I’m excited for you to listen, and I’m excited for you to begin your journey.  So without further ado…

Welcome to Recruiters Live Lounge!

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