#12 Your options are limitless – with Daniel Faulkner

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Daniel Faulkner is a head-hunter and Director at Arthur Financial specialising in senior appointments and team moves within the Lloyd’s & London insurance markets.  Since Daniel has been heading-up Arthur Financial it has seen consistent growth in all areas which Daniel believes is due to the strong value he places on company culture, advancement, innovation and integrity.

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Favourite success quote

  • Daniel’s favourite success quote is from the lesser-known US high school basketball coach Tim Notke – “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.”

Biggest failure faced in recruitment

  • Dan see his biggest failure in his thinking and mindset in the early days of Arthur Financial.  To not think bigger sooner and not be ambitious enough.  Watch the video now to see how Dan changed that mindset to now run the business with very ambitious growth plans.

Recruitment ‘eureka’ moment

  • Dan feels he experiences lots of eureka moments as he constantly tries to understand and listen to other people, so that he can learn through their successes and mistakes.

The crystal ball

  • Over the next five years Dan thinks that recruitment agencies will need to be smarter, they’ll need to lead niche sectors in candidate scarce markets, and add value to their client companies.

Best piece of business advice

  • “You can achieve absolutely anything in your life if you put your mind to it and work hard.”

Best business book

The One-Minute Manager’ by Ken Blanchard

Dan’s final piece of advice – ‘Work hard, to be the best you can be. Learn something new everyday, challenge yourself, don’t beat yourself up with mistakes that you make along the way because that’s just part of the learning curve.’ 

Interview Links

Find out more about Dan via his LinkedIn profile or the Arthur Financial website.

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