#15 Constant re-invention – with Tim Watts

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Tim Watts is the Lifetime President of Pertemps Network Group, which is one of the UK’s biggest independent recruitment agencies with over 1040 staff and 200 branches in 70 towns. Pertemps was started in 1961 by Tim’s mum who took a £500 loan to start the company. Tim then started in 1970 when he was 19 years old as a temporary worker.  As well as still being involved in Pertemps Tim finds time to be raise large amounts of money as Vice President of the Spinal Injuries Association and also to fulfill the duties of being High-Sherrif of the West Midlands.

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  • Favourite success quote

Tim’s favourite success quote is “Yesterday I was clever so I wanted to change the world, but today I am wise and I am trying to change myself.”

  • Recruitment ‘eureka’ moment

Tim’s eureka moment came about twenty-five years ago when he had grown the business to about fifty million and felt that the ‘getting there’ had nearly killed him.  Tim felt absolutely exhausted, running a 100% owned private, family business and realised what he had missed out on with his family whilst doing it. Watch the interview now to find out what positive action Tim took following his ‘light bulb’ moment.

  • Best piece of business advice

“Never give up! Keep attacking!”

Best business book

Good to Great’ by Jim Collins

Tim’s final piece of advice – ‘Keep attacking!’

Tim’s best business resource – The Pertemps Share Investment Plan

Interview Links

Find out more about Tim and Pertemps at www.pertemps.co.uk

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  • jhirstnm

    Great interview with Tim – someone who inspired me 20 years ago and still does.

    • deeparker44

      I totally agree with you, I found him really inspiring in this interview!