#17 – Living the dream with Gary Dytor

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Gary Dytor has been working within recruitment for nearly 10 years where he started as a Trainee Recruitment consultant at IT Works, but within 2 years started to develop new markets, grow teams and was finally promoted to Ops Director. Gary then moved to the US in May 2014 where he set up a new IT Works Recruitment Inc out there as their CEO and he has already developed to a team of 10 consultants and built a business in excess of $1.5 mil GP in their first full year.

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Favourite success quote

  • Gary’s favourite success quote is quite simply “Be the best you can be.” A quote which he tries to live every day by, both professionally and personally.

Biggest failure faced in recruitment

  • Gary feels his biggest failure in recruitment came fairly early on in his career when he managed to get what should have been a great client with 40 requisitions but after weeks of hard work, long hours, endless candidate presentations, he only placed one candidate in 6 months. Watch the interview now to find out how Gary turned that situation into his ‘light-bulb’ recruitment eureka moment!

The crystal ball

  • Over the next five years Gary thinks that the industry is going to grow and that something ‘big’ similar to a dotcome type situation is just around the corner.

Best piece of business advice

  • “Elevate yourself in everything you do. Elevate yourself above the competition. Know what you’re competitors are doing and be better than them.”

Best business resource

Best business book

Hyper Sales Growth‘ by Jack Daly

Gary’s final piece of advice – ‘Just don’t give up. It’s okay to fail, just don’t keep doing it. Learn from your mistakes. Keep on training.’ 

Interview Links

Find out more about Gary via his website www.itworksrec.com or click here to go to his LinkedIn profile.

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  • thanks Roy and Gary absolutely enjoyed this one and had many takeaways – will be in touch Gary I would love to connect.