#22 – Be responsive to change – with David Spencer-Percival

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David Spencer-Percival was the Managing Director at Huntress Group for almost 9 years before he launched Spencer Ogden in 2010 with Sir Peter Ogden and has always remained the driving force behind the company’s growth and success. With more than 15 years’ experience in recruitment, David used his knowledge to fill the gap in the market and create Spencer Ogden to service all energy sectors on a global scale. His passion for recruitment comes through in all he does and he remains one of the biggest champions of our industry’s strength and potential. 

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Favourite success quote

  • David’s favourite success quote is taken from the famous English naturalist Charles Darwin – “It’s not the strongest of the species that survive, or the most intelligent, it’s the ones that are most responsive to change” – which David believes is totally appropriate for business.

Recruitment ‘eureka’ moment

  • David’s lightbulb moment came to him in very early on in his career when he was resourcing, and he felt that he had suddenly ‘got it’. That recruitment was simply ‘a process’ and if you did A, then B, you’ll invariably get C and can make a placement, and it was then he realised he could crack recruitment.

The crystal ball

  • Over the next five years David doesn’t think that technology will become the biggest threat to our industry, but he does think that internal recruiters, and their access to the same tools as agency recruiters (such as LinkedIn) to find candidates, will provide the biggest competition.

Best piece of business advice

  • “The person that can keep their focus and their concentration for the longest period of time, is the most successful recruiter. Recruitment is just a set of processes, so you need to focus on following each process from the beginning to the end. Don’t get deviated.”

Best business resource

The recruitment analytics and gamification tool ‘Cube 19

Best business book

The Churchill Diaries‘ by Charles Powell

David’s final piece of advice – “Recruitment is such a great industry to be in. It is genuinely life changing. You can be much more successful than your peers. So if you’re considering it for a career, take it seriously and get into it!”

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