#4 Don’t let others’ voices drown out your inner voice – with Doug Bugie

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Doug has over 30 years experience in the executive recruitment franchising industry, having worked with some of the world leaders in recruitment and over 20 multimillionaires have come through Doug’s door, where Doug and his teams have helped them build successful recruitment businesses.

Doug, at the age of 30, resigned and ran for United States Congress in Cleveland, Ohio, his hometown. Although unsuccessful on that occasion, Doug remains passionate about the great changes that can be made through public service.

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Favourite success quote

  • Doug’s favourite success quote, is one both funny and true, from Woody Allen – ‘The secret to success in life is showing up’.

Biggest failure faced in recruitment

  • As a franchisor, Doug feels not only does he deal with the many successes his businesses have, but also with the burden of failure every day. It’s not all about victory and achievement, but also problems and pain and struggle.

Recruitment ‘eureka’ moment

  • Doug’s eureka moment came after he went into business for himself, when he started earning more than he was earning previously being employed, when he realised he had the guts, courage and determination to go into business on his own.

The crystal ball

  • Over the next five years Doug thinks that the power of niche is going to be very important, standing out as a trusted advisor and moving beyond just transactional.

Best piece of business advice

  • “Go to England. Go global. Learn to speak British and think Yiddish when you come back.’ from Alan Schoenberg the founder of the MRI Network .

Best business book

The Early History of Rome’ by Livy

Doug’s final piece of advice – ‘Treat others as you’d want to be treated.’

Interview Links

Find out more about Doug at www.antalfranchising.com and contact him at dbugie@antal.com

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