#32 Real inspirational leadership- with Daniel Mundy

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Daniel Mundy is the CEO of anzuk* Teachers a recruitment agency focusing on teaching and childcare placements across Australia, the UK and Asia. At university in Ballarat, Australia,  Daniel completed studies as a Physical Education Teacher and then moved to the UK for three and a half years to teach PE to Health and Special Educational Needs students. Upon making the decision to head home to start a new life Daniel says he was lucky enough to fall into Education Recruitment and when spotting a gap in the market for sourcing and placing teachers between the UK and Australia he created anzuk*. Daniel is passionate about creating a workplace culture that promotes team, trust, respect and fun – it’s become the fabric of who he is and how he leads anzuk*.

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Favourite success quote

  • Daniel favourite success quote is, ‘You get what you deserve.’  Daniel is a big believer in karma and treating people properly with integrity and respect.

Biggest failure faced in recruitment

  • A massive learning curve for Daniel was when they were taking on a private equity firm in his UK office. He was not as involved as he should have been and realises now that he was not thorough enough when reading the contracts and did not ask enough questions at the beginning.  Becoming mesmerized with the success of the private equity company he didn’t see that they were not a good fit for anzuk*.

Recruitment ‘eureka’ moment

  • Daniel’s business ‘eureka’ moment was when they decided to create their own solution to an on going problem they had with the software they were using.  They decided to create their own bespoke data software, which encompasses everything they need to run their business.

The crystal ball

  • Daniel can see that marketing is going to continue to move forward, companies using social media for marketing and engaging with the audience.  Daniel is very passionate about the future of specific data science and analysis, companies having software that can source more unique talent.

Best piece of business advice

  • A great piece of advice from Tony Robbins, “People will forget what you say to them, but they will never forget how you made them feel.”

Best business book –Compound Effectby Darren Hardy.

Daniel’s final piece of advice for new recruiters – “Just work hard, and commit to helping your people grow.”

Interview Links

Find out more about Daniel on LinkedIn and the anzuk* website. Email him at daniel@anzukteachers.com.au. 

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