#35 Self-education will make you a fortune – with James Blackwell

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James Blackwell is CEO at Ronald James and an ambitious recruiter with a goal to achieve a net worth of £100 million by the age of 40. He started working at age 13 running a newsagents on a weekend. He then bought and sold cars from auction aged 17-19 selling over 40 cars and with that money he started his own coffee shop with a turnover of £250k by just 20 years old. James won Entrepreneur of the year for Durham in 2006 and whist working for BMW for 4 years he was their Top Salesman selling over 500 cars within that period. In 2011 he made move into recruitment where very quickly he found himself managing a team of 8 consultants on track to achieve £1 million revenue and most recently launched his own business – Ronald James.

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Favourite success quote

  • James’ favourite quote is from Jim Rohn, an American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker, “If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.”

Biggest failure faced in recruitment

  • James feels his biggest failure so far in his professional life happened with the first business he set up at age 2o. He had a lot of distractions going on and now realises that running a business takes total dedication, passion and 100% attention which he wasn’t able to give it at the time

Eureka Moment in recruitment

  • After a few months in his first job in recruitment James realised that if he focused on the most important aspect of the job, which was picking up the phone, marketing in a candidate and getting an interview, then everything else would fall into place.  As long as he focused on that element then he would be successful.

The crystal ball

  • Over the next five years James sees a lot more niche recruitment agencies being successful and the generalists being phased out, and also the use of data intelligence tools providing different ways to source candidates.

Best piece of business advice

  • “Follow effective action, with quiet reflection, and then from that quiet reflection will come even more effective action” which James took from Peter Drucker.

Best business resource

Best business book

How to get rich’ by Felix Dennis

James’ final piece of advice – “Live the best life you can and focus on the few not the many.”

Interview Links

Find out more about James via LinkedIn and contact him via james@ronaldjamesgroup.com


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