Amit Somaiya, CEO at IMS People based in India has over 16 years extensive recruitment experience in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and North America, working with both agencies and corporates, and therefore has a unique perspective on recruitment, global migration and outsourcing. He travels extensively in both developed countries and developing countries to understand the trends and influences of the recruitment industry.  Amit’s known within IMS for his hands-on approach in delivering commercial projects and for his vision to achieve global recognition for continuous innovation.

Favourite success quote

  • Very early on one of Amit’s professors said to him,  “Do not mistake that the destination is your final resting point, and do not consider the journey to be a small feat or achievement.”  At the time he did not take this fully onboard, but he has remembered it and now he understands it and passes it on to his team.

The eureka moment  

  • Whilst researching software products in the UK and talking to recruitment companies, Amit discovered that the ‘missing thing’ that the recruitment companies needed, was in fact good recruiters.  Recruiters that were ready and trained. This is when Amit realised the need for an offshore recruitment service.

The Crystal ball

  • Amit has an incredible insight into how the recruitment industry is working differently all over the world and developing in many different ways. Watch the interview now to hear what Amit has to say.

Best piece of business advice

  • “Your instructions remain inline only in conversations. So you need to ensure you recreate those conversations over again, to ensure they are delivered.”

Best business resource

  • Amit has found the Livescribe Pen to be a useful tool . This device, allows you to record conversations while in meetings, it also has a camera on the tip which means as you write or draw on the specialised paper it transfers to your computer.  Amit really likes the ability to revisit meetings and notes having everything logged and easy to understand and recall.

Best business book – ‘3 Laws of Performance‘ by Steve Zaffron and Dave Logan

Amit’s final piece of advice – “Believe in yourself.  If you’ve got a great idea and you’re applying yourself to your business don’t stop believing in yourself. ”

Interview Links

Find out more about Amit on LinkedIn and contact him via email at

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