Liz Longman is the Managing Director of TEAM (The Employment Agents Movement) and has been involved in recruitment for over 20 years. Before her current position she worked her way through the ranks to become a Regional Director heading up a region for a generalist agency covering every sector from supplying temporary workers, permanent placements at an Executive level and a Managed Service Contract.  Joining TEAM in 2006 was a natural progression having worked for the founder Member of TEAM and made engagement with other Members to increase the bottom line of the Agency.

Favourite success quote

  • Liz’s favourite quote that she has followed from an early age, in both her business and personal life is, “Always be true to yourself.”

Biggest failure faced in reecruitment

  • Liz recalls a time she felt was a personal failure in her recruitment career which involved a particularly rude client that didn’t believe in the value of her service. Watch the whole interview to find out what happened 4 months later…

The eureka moment  

  • In the first few days of Liz’s career in recruitment she wondered how she was ever going to remember names and clients, but three months on she felt her eureka moment and her love for recruitment was set in stone.  Spending the first 2 months learning the ropes she managed to exceed her targets for her iniital three months within the third month alone.

The Crystal ball

  • Liz stronly belives that recruiting will be recognised as a profession, and although it has come a long way there is still work to be done.  Liz can see a real need for recruiters to keep up with current leglislations, to have all up to date knowledge to hold a more consultative role.

Best piece of business advice

  • “State your price with confidence.”

Best business resource

  • Liz believes that using social media correctly is a great tool, especially in building authority. In contrast however Liz still believes that the very traditional method of face-to-face networking is still invaluable.

Best business book – The Persuasion Influence & Sales Recipe‘ by Terry Edwards.

Liz’s final piece of advice – “Be true to yourself and conduct the business how you’d like to be treated yourself, and you will be very successful.”

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