Steven Convery started his career off as an ‘old school recruiter’ without a computer and relying on old school methods – just a phone and the yellow pages. Times have obviously changed since then and Steven has become a highly accomplished man Manager and Owner/Director of his second recruitment business.  Steven has a strong experience in turnarounds and start-ups and currently invests his time in his newest venture ‘Concur Recruitment’ based in the Midlands with business partner Karinna Shields.  Since moving on from his old school recruitment methods Steven now insists that the 21st century modern technology is at the heart of his business with the latest cloud based products assisting the back office and business functions with a major focus on his brand through all social media platforms.



Favourite success quote: video time stamp 4.58 minutes

  • “The only day I’m going to worry about any competitor is the day I look to buy them out” by Steven Convery himself!

Biggest failure faced in recruitment: video time stamp 7.50 minutes

  • Steven jokes he has failures on a daily basis but in truth feels like two thing hampered him in his previous industrial recruitment business, that being insurance and complacency.   Watch now to find out more!

The eureka moment: video time stamp 16.50 minutes

  • Steven’s light bulb moment happened about three years into his first recruitment role whilst making a lot of money for his employer on a weekly basis he suddenly thought “Why am I lining the pockets of others?” “I am good enough to take on this challenge!” Watch now to find out how it worked out for him!

Best piece of business advice received: video time stamp 30.18 minutes

  • “You’re not good enough to run a recruitment business” said to Steven twice in his career which spurred him on to show them wrong.


Best business book: video time stamp 45 minutes

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Steven’s final piece of advice – “Recruitment will always be a rollercoaster but…when you’ve got the good times, enjoy them!”

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