Today’s Live Lounge guest is Karinna Shields, Director and Co-Founder of Concur Recruitment based in Coventry.  Karinna has worked her way through the ranks of recruitment, starting her career age 17 as a receptionist, moving up to resourcer, recruiter, account manager, then managing multiple branches before setting up her own agency – all within 7 years!  She feels that one of her biggest achievements in that time has been winning a million pound account during her role as an account manager, quickly followed by setting up Concur Recruitment with her business partner, completely self-funded at the age of just 21. Karinna is well known by her friends and colleagues for her determination which I think will go a long way to helping her achieve her mission which is for Concur to become a household name and the biggest recruiter in the UK for industrial, engineering and IT recruitment.




Favourite success quote: video time stamp 2.28 minutes

  • “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.”
    by Henry Ford

Biggest failure faced in recruitment: video time stamp 6.10 minutes

  • Karinna doesn’t feel like she has experienced any big failures as a recruiter as of yet as she is early on in her career but two big challenges she has faced are the perceptions people have had of her as a women in Engineering recruitment industry and the fight she has had for people to take her seriously as a young recruitment business owner at the age of 21.

The eureka moment: video time stamp 9.10 minutes

  • Karinna’s eureka moment came when she won her previous employer a million pound account, the biggest account the business had ever had. It’s that sense of achievement when she first felt that this business is not easy, but she can do it!

A piece of advice for success: video time stamp 22.20 minutes

  • Spend thirty minutes at the beginning of each day listing all the things you are grateful for and the reasons why and then 15 minutes listing the things you are grateful for that you haven’t got yet.  This visualization will keep you on track to where you want to go.  It’s excellent mental prep and sets you up for the day.

Best piece of business advice received: video time stamp 33.25 minutes

  • Karinna’s business partner’s wife gave her the best advice she has ever had, she said: “Don’t take it personally.” Recruitment is a tough industry and you have to be able to take rejection well.

Best business book –The Greatness Guide‘ by Robin Sharma


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Karinna’s final piece of advice – “Work on your frame of mind.  Get your frame of mind right.  The rest will come with time”

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