#8 If you believe in something then take the risk – with Alex Raubitschek

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Alex has over 20 years experience in the recruitment industry, working within a specialist marketing and HR recruitment business for most of that time but most recently in the buying, selling and merging of recruitment businesses through his roles at Hamilton Bradshaw and most recently as Principal at Claremont Board Management.

Alex has also found the time during his recruitment career to get involved in the public sector and was the Deputy Mayor of Wandsworth Borough Council, one of London’s biggest local authorities in 2011/12, and was a Councillor there for over four years.

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Favourite success quote

  • Alex’s favourite success quote, is taken from a former UK Prime Minister Margaret, the late Margaret Thatcher– “You may have to fight a battle more than once in order to win”.

Biggest failure faced in recruitment

  • Alex felt a big sense of loss, both financially and personally when a key member of his staff left, and then 3 or 4 more, with a business he had spent a number of years building up to be very successful. Watch the video now to find out exactly what happened and what lesson Alex took from it.

Recruitment ‘eureka’ moment

  • Alex’s eureka moment came when he gave up his team and bonuses, and took a big risk with a new business outside of his comfort zone and he realised that with self-belief he could achieve anything.

The crystal ball

  • Over the next five years Alex thinks the industry will advance and increase and become even more prolific by virtue of the technical advancement that will allow it to happen. Watch the video now to see how Alex thinks artificial intelligence will play a part in this.

Best piece of business advice

  • “Just do it!”

Best business book

The Power of Habit’ by Charles Duhigg

Alex’s final piece of advice – ‘Be true to yourself and treat your clients well.’

Interview Links

Find out more about Alex via his LinkedIn profile and contact him at info@claremontbm.com.

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