#11 Do work you’re proud of – with Natalie Ellis

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Natalie Ellis is the Managing Director of Ellis Recruitment in Swindon, UK.  Ellis Recruitment specialises in placing mid-senior construction professionals across sectors such as renewable energy, new build, interior fit-out and civil engineering. As a business their daily mantra is “how can we do things better?” which she believes is a huge reason why they receive such great feedback from their clients and why she is seeing consistent growth in her business.

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Favourite success quote

  • Natalie’s favourite success quote is one that Roy Ripper told her during a coaching session – “Work harder on yourself than anything else.”

Biggest failure faced in recruitment

  •  A mistake that Natalie made early on in her recruitment career has really stuck with her and taught her the value of being completely honest and open with candidates and clients right from the start. Watch the interview now to find out what happened when she mixed family and business together.

Recruitment ‘eureka’ moment

  • Natalie had a great eureka moment when setting up her business and trying to decide which niche she was going to focus on. She realised that she could learn absolutely anything she wanted. That if she immersed herself in a subject, and lived, breathed and slept it, that she could become an expert of whatever niche she decided upon.

The crystal ball

  • Over the next five years Natalie thinks that recruitment business owners will also need to become digital marketing experts and work on exclusive terms with clients.

Best piece of business advice

  • “You don’t need to invent something new, you just need to look at where others are doing it poorly and look for a solution and where you can do it better.” a concept which she got from Sir Richard Branson.

Business resource

A boolean generator tool from Social Talent.

Best business book

Screw Business as Usual‘ by Sir Richard Branson

Natalie’s final piece of advice – ‘Let’s all work together to have an industry we’re proud of.  Let’s all set the bar higher.  Do work that you’re proud to say that you’ve done.’

Interview Links

Find out more about Natalie and contact her via LinkedIn profile.

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