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Welcome to Recruiters Live Lounge, a weekly online broadcast interviewing today’s most inspiring and successful leaders in recruitment. We share their journey; the failures, ‘eureka’ moments and current successes, so recruiters around the world can absorb their lessons learned and see their path to success.

The late Jim Rohn said that ‘you become the average of the 5 people you spend most time with’. Recruiters Live Lounge is a place where recruiters get to hangout together with the most successful and luminary people in our global industry.

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The material in the podcasts has really helped my confidence level when talking about what I can add to a business and what is achievable judging from what many of your guests have done in their time in recruitment. Thank you – it is very inspiring!

Christopher Peterson

Absolutely brilliant! I’m really enjoying the quality of your questions and the guests you have chosen.

Craig Bagshaw

Love love love the podcasts! Listening while riding along the Gold Coast beaches. Had to share my moment! Thank you.

Nikki Taylor

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