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Welcome to Recruiters Live Lounge, a weekly online broadcast interviewing today’s most inspiring and successful leaders in recruitment. We share their journey; the failures, ‘eureka’ moments and current successes so recruiters around the world can absorb their lessons learned, see their path to success, emulate their victories and avoid their catastrophes.

The late Jim Rohn said that ‘you become the average of the 5 people you spend most time with’. Recruiters Live Lounge is a place where recruiters get to hangout together with the most successful and luminary people in our global industry.


Your Interview Format & Questions

Each episode will start with a brief introduction of you, followed by your favourite success quote. Everybody loves a good success quote, and we get to hear why this is your favourite, along with how you apply it to your everyday life and mentality.

We then jump right into the journey, which at Recruiters Live Lounge will always commence in an area we can learn so much from…failure. We’d like to hear
detail about a major trial/tribulation/failure that you have encountered. We’ll examine the steps that led up to this situation and the actions that were taken
immediately after that helped you rise above and move forward.

Now, we’ve all heard about that infamous ‘Eureka!’ moment: bells chime and light bulbs flash. Well, most people who have created their own businesses have
had that moment… and we’d like to hear about yours – the steps leading up to it, the moment itself, and the actions you took following your “A-ha” moment
that helped lead you to the success you are experiencing today.

Then, we seamlessly move into your current business. We will go into detail about your day-to-day, and then also touch upon your vision for the future. This
will help us not only understand what it is that you do, but it will also help us understand where you feel the recruitment industry is headed.

At this point, we reach ‘The Lightning Round’. The Lightning Round is a question segment designed to extract priceless nuggets of your knowledge. We feel that
the answers to these questions will contain valuable information that every recruiter should know.

Conversation Questions

  1. What is your favourite success quote – why is it your favourite and how do you apply it to your everyday life?
  2. What is the biggest failure you’ve had personally in your recruitment career? (What was the background / steps that led up to this situation, the actions that you took immediately that helped you rise above and move forward / the lessons you learnt)
  3. What was your ‘Eureka!’ moment whilst working in recruitment? (steps leading up to it, the moment itself and the actions you took that led you to the success you have today)
  4. What do you do consistently on a daily basis that you feel sets you apart and makes you successful?
  5.  What do you see as your biggest strength and biggest weakness as a business entrepreneur?
  6. How do you see the recruitment industry developing over the next 5 years? (your vision)

Lightning Round

  1. What was the #1 thing that you see holding recruiters back from becoming successful?
  2. What is the best business /recruitment advice you have ever received?
  3. What is something that you see working brilliantly in your business right now? (recommend software, app, training, hacks, crm, resources etc)
  4. What is the best business book you have read in the last six months?
  5. If you woke up tomorrow morning, and you still possessed all the experience and knowledge you currently have – but your business had completely disappeared, forcing you to start somewhere, anywhere from scratch – what would you do?

When preparing your answers, try not to use anything that will date your interview as the videos and podcasts will be around for a long time. For example
don’t say ‘So far 2016 has been a great year for us’, it would be better to say ‘So far this year has been great for us’.

How will the interview take place and be recorded?

The interviews are recorded online via Skype and so you won’t need to leave your office or travel anywhere. We have software that will record the Skype call.

You’ll need:

  • • A laptop, PC or Mac with webcam and mic – a headset is preferred and is strongly suggested, although it’s not essential. As well as being a video interview, we will also turn the recording into a podcast, using just the audio, and so it is important that the sound is a good as it can be.
  • A good broadband internet connection – the better the connection, the better the picture. You should ‘hardwire’ your connection, rather than use a wifi connection.
  • A quiet room in which to record the interview. This doesn’t have to be an office environment. This can be in your home if easier, we are looking for a relaxed feel.
  • A Skype ID and Skype installed on the computer you’ll be using. If you don’t already have this you can download and create an account for free at

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