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#44 The Right Mindset for Success – with Karinna Shields

#43 Loving what you do – with Abigail Brown

#42 Enjoy the good times – with Steven Convery

Tony Chapman

#41 Finding the sweet spot – with Tony Chapman

Liz Longman

#40 Being true to yourself – with Liz Longman

Amit Somaiya

#39 Enjoy the journey – with Amit Somaiya

Ben Scobie-Trumper

#38 Business evolution – with Ben Scobie-Trumper

Kai Murray

#37 Invest in your future – with Kai Murray

Toby Thwaites

#36 Staying ahead of the curve – with Toby Thwaites

James Blackwell

#35 Self-education will make you a fortune – with James Blackwell

Toby Babb

#34 Be the hardest worker in the room – with Toby Babb

Christine Tautari

#33 Finding solutions – with Christine Tautari

Daniel Mundy

#32 Real inspirational leadership- with Daniel Mundy

Wendy McDougall

#31 Just keep swimming – with Wendy McDougall

Abigail Stevens

#30 Changing people’s lives – with Abigail Stevens

Glyn Blaize

#29 A shining star in the recruitment galaxy – with Glyn Blaize

Andrew Hairs

#28 – Take time to think – with Andrew Hairs

Gareth Biggerstaff

#27 Integrity and honour – with Gareth Biggerstaff

Chris Young

#26 Influence and mentorship – with Chris Young

Jack Parsons

#25 From raw talent to raw ambition – with Jack Parsons

Darren Ryemill

#24 Infectious enthusiasm – with Darren Ryemill

Nikki Taylor

#23 – The importance of personal development with Nikki Taylor

David Spencer-Percival

#22 – Be responsive to change – with David Spencer-Percival

David Gittoes

#21 – Creating sustained success with David Gittoes

Lee McQueen

#20 – Leading by example – with Lee McQueen

Nick Johnston

#19 – Going from good to great – with Nick Johnston

Angela Middleton

#18 – Resilience shines through – with Angela Middleton

Gary Dytor

#17 – Living the dream with Gary Dytor

Bob Kelly

#16 – Staying focused and pushing forwards – with Bob Kelly

Tim Watts

#15 Constant re-invention – with Tim Watts

Dawn Milman-Hurst

#14 Why anything is possible, no matter the barriers – with Dawn Milman-Hurst

Russell Clements

#13 Sliding doors – with Russell Clements

Daniel Faulkner

#12 Your options are limitless – with Daniel Faulkner

Natalie Ellis

#11 Do work you’re proud of – with Natalie Ellis

Tony Goodwin

#10 I’ve made more mistakes than most – with Tony Goodwin

David Lawrence

#9 Taking massive determined action – with David Lawrence

Alex Raubitschek

#8 If you believe in something then take the risk – with Alex Raubitschek

Ann Swain

#7 Be a control freak – with Ann Swain

Johnny Walker

#6 It’s okay to ask for help – with Johnny Walker

Kevin Green

#5 Raising the bar – with Kevin Green

Doug Bugie

#4 Don’t let others’ voices drown out your inner voice – with Doug Bugie

Alice Weightman

#3 Passion, energy and drive – with Alice Weightman

Dan McGuire

#2 How adversity and failure can offer you your biggest opportunity – with Dan McGuire

Roy Ripper

#1 Recruiters Live Lounge Introduction – with Roy Ripper

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